Credit/ No Credit Winter and Spring 2021

Kalamazoo College Faculty have approved adjustments to the CR/NC policy for the Winter and Spring 2021 terms.  The policy for these terms is as follows:

Credit/No Credit Option Policy

All students may elect to take at most TWO letter-graded courses per term on campus as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) in Winter and Spring 2021, with only the SECOND one of the two counting against the maximum of 4 courses over their college career (not including Spring 2020).

  • Students may elect this option for at most one course in any one department. The CR/NC grade option is not available for Shared Passage Seminars or for the final course taken to satisfy the language requirement (i.e. 103 or 201).
  • Letter-graded courses taken as CR/NC may not count towards any major, minor, or concentration (including required cognates), nor may they satisfy prerequisites for those course sequences that require a “C- or better,” without special permission from the department.
  • Students who take a course for a CR/NC grade may retake the course for a letter grade.
  • Students may choose to apply the CR/NC option at any time during the course up to midnight EST Friday 10th week. The professor will assign a letter grade as per normal procedure, but the Registrar’s Office will convert passing grades to CR and will convert an F to NC. (Professors will not be formally notified if students have taken this option.)”

If you have questions regarding this policy please contact the Registrar’s Office at