Spring 2021 CR/NC Deadline

This is a reminder that the deadline to change a graded class to CR/NC for the Spring 2021 term is this Friday, June 4th. Forms to request a change to CR/NC can be found at https://registrar.kzoo.edu/forms/formsforstudents/

For the 2020-2021 school year all students may elect to take at most TWO letter-graded courses on campus as CR/NC (Credit/No Credit) in each of the FALL 2020, WINTER 2021, or SPRING 2021 terms, with only SECOND one of the two counting against the maximum of 4 courses over their college career (not including Spring 2020).

Some additional guidelines for consideration when deciding whether to take a course CR/NC:

. Student must be in good academic standing.
. Student may elect this option for at most one course in any one department.
. Once declared a Credit\No Credit course, the course cannot be converted back to a letter-graded course.
. Declaration of a course as Credit\No Credit makes the student ineligible for the Dean’s List consideration for that quarter.
. Many graduate schools and professional institutions may not accept Credit\No Credit graded coursework in subjects related to an intended program of study.
. Student may retake a CR/NC option for a letter grade.
. Letter-graded courses taken as CR/NC may not count towards any major, minor, or concentration (including required cognates), nor may they satisfy prerequisites for those course sequences that require a “C- or better,” without special permission from the department.
. The course will not satisfy the last course in the language requirement (103 or 201) or any of the Shared Passages Seminar requirements.

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