Study Abroad Double Enrollment

Please discuss any requests, changes or petitions with the appropriate faculty member BEFORE submitting any forms. After the form is submitted it will be sent to the necessary faculty needed to complete the form. Please make sure the information provided is accurate. Please allow up to 5 business days before inquiring about the status of your request. You will receive an email of confirmation from a member of our office once the request has been processed.


This form is used if you plan on registering for classes during the Winter term after coming from for a Long Term (LT) study abroad program.


No additional signatures are required. It is HIGHLY recommended you speak with your advisor and Financial Aid before filling out this form.

Additional Information

There is an additional fee when applying for double enrollment.

Please contact for details regarding these fees.

Please make yourself aware of the implications of double enrollment.

Petition for Double Enrollment Due to Study Abroad Form

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