Engineering Dual Degree Transfer

This form indicates that you will be withdrawing from Kalamazoo College after the current term, and enrolling in an ABET accredited engineering program at another school, with the intention of eventually graduating from Kalamazoo College with a major in Chemistry or Physics. You will remain associated with Kalamazoo College during this period of time, and will have continued access to email, but will be a fully enrolled student in another institution, and will be subject to whatever policies they have in place, or may change in the future. While this agreement is in force, you will be entitled to transfer engineering courses back to Kalamazoo College under limitations listed in the Dual Degree Engineering Program Policies document. This special ability to transfer engineering courses and graduate under this program expires three years from the date this form is submitted, with an additional two months allowed for the transmission of transcripts and completion of paperwork. This allows three years to submit 30 semesters hours of course work (nominally one year of courses) and accommodates a full year of uncredited internships, the possibility of serious illness, and/or changes in engineering program or perhaps school of enrollment. After expiration, courses may be transferred back to Kalamazoo, but under the policies and procedures open to all students. After expiration, all normal graduation requirements will apply, including the requirement for a Senior Individual Project.

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