Transfer, AP, and IB Credits

Transfer Credits

Students who wish to receive credit for academic work completed elsewhere during the summer or during a term when the student is not enrolled at Kalamazoo College should contact the Registrar’s Office in advance to see whether the course(s) they are interested in will transfer to Kalamazoo. Courses must be taken at a regionally accredited college or university (or appropriately accredited international institution) and must have a focus and be at a level appropriate for an undergraduate liberal arts program. Students should supply the Registrar with the name of the institution and the name and course description for any course they wish to transfer. In some cases, a course syllabus may also be required. The Registrar’s Office will work with appropriate departments to determine the appropriateness of the course. To receive transfer credit for the course, the student must receive a grade of C or better (C- is not acceptable). The course dates can also not overlap with the student’s active enrollment in classes at Kalamazoo College (concurrent enrollment is not allowed).

The course numbers, titles, and grades from the transfer institution will not appear on the Kalamazoo College transcript, although the number of units transferred in will. Credit transferred in from other institutions does not figure into the calculation of the Kalamazoo College cumulative grade point average (GPA). A student may not transfer in credit for a repeated course if the student earned credit for the original course. A student may repeat and transfer in credit for a course in which the student originally earned a grade of F, W, WF, or NC, but the grade will not replace the grade earned at Kalamazoo College, nor will it figure into the calculation of the Kalamazoo College GPA. Students may not repeat a course, either at Kalamazoo College or at another institution, to replace a D or F once they have taken a higher level course.

Transfer units may be used to satisfy the language and physical education requirements. Transfer students who have, prior to admission, already taken a first-year seminar or English composition course similar in content to the first-year seminar at Kalamazoo College may apply that course toward the first-year seminar requirement. Transfer units may not be used to satisfy the sophomore or senior Shared Passage Seminar or cultures requirements. Transfer units may be used toward majors, minors, and concentrations at the discretion of the faculty in the associated department or program.

All work to be considered for transfer credit must be submitted on an official transcript sent directly from the transfer institution to Kalamazoo College or in a sealed envelope with the registrar’s signature across the seal.

Transferring coursework back to K?

Course Equivalency Guide can be found here. This is a list of classes we have accepted in the past.

AP and IB Credits

Upon enrollment at Kalamazoo College, students will be granted one unit of credit toward graduation for each subject area in which they earn a score of 4 or 5 on the College Board Advancement Placement Examination or a score of 5 or higher on the Higher Level examinations of the International Baccalaureate except for the Pre-Calculus AP exam. . As Kalamazoo College’s math department does not offer a pre-calculus course, no Kalamazoo College credit is awarded for the AP Pre-Calculus exam. Credit may also be granted by the Registrar at the time of enrollment for General Certification of Education, Advanced Level (A-Level) examinations with grades of C or better. Placement or credit toward a major, minor, or concentration may also be granted at the discretion of the department or program. No placement or transfer credits may be used to satisfy sophomore or senior Shared Passage Seminar requirements.

Subject AreaEquivalent to…
AP Art (Art History or any Studio Art)Elective in Art
AP BiologyElective in Biology
AP Calculus AB (or AB subscore on the BC exam)MATH 112*
AP Calculus BCMATH 113*
AP ChemistryCHEM 110
AP Chinese Language & CultureCHIN 103
AP Computer Science ACOMP 150
AP Computer Science ABCOMP 210
AP Computer Science PrinciplesNon-major COMP course
AP Economics (Macro or Microeconomics)Non-major ECON course
AP English (Lang. & Comp., or Lit. & Comp.)Non-major ENGL course
AP Environmental ScienceElective in Env. Science
AP French (Language or Literature)FREN 201 (or higher)*
AP German LanguageGERM 201 (or higher)*
AP History (US, European, or World History)Elective in HIST (does not fulfill field req.)
AP Human GeographyGeneral education elective
AP ItalianTo be determined*
AP Japanese Lang. & CultureJAPN 103 (or higher)*
AP Latin (Literature or Vergil)To be determined*
AP Music Theory (No credit awarded for subscores)MUSC 105 (prereq. course for major)
AP Physics B or AP Physics 2Non-major Physics course
AP Physics C – MechanicsPHYS 150
AP Physics C – Electricity and MagnetismPHYS 152
AP Political Science (Comparative)Non-major Political Science course
AP Political Science (US Government) Non-major Political Science course
AP PsychologyPSYC 101
AP ResearchGeneral Elective course
AP Russian Language and LiteratureGeneral Elective course
AP SeminarGeneral Elective course
AP Spanish (Language or Literature)SPAN 201 (or higher)*
AP StatisticsMATH 260
IB BiologyElective in Biology
IB ChemistryCHEM-110
IB Chinese A: LiteratureNon-major Chinese course
IB Chinese BNon-major Chinese course
IB EconomicsNon-major Economics course
IB Business and ManagementNon-major Economics course
IB English A1Non-major English course
IB English A2Non-major English course
IB English BNon-major English course
IB FilmGeneral Elective course
IB French A Language & LiteratureElective in French with departmental approval
IB French B: Language & LiteratureElective in French with departmental approval
IB GeographyGeneral Elective course
IB German BNon-major German course
IB History – AfricaElective in history with department approval
IB History -Asia and OceanaElective in history with department approval
IB History – AmericasElective in history with department approval
IB History-EuropeElective in history with department approval
IB ITGSGeneral Elective course
IB Japanese LiteratureNon-major Japanese course
IB Korean A: LiteratureGeneral Elective course
IB LatinNon-major Latin course
IB Macedonian A: LiteratureGeneral Elective course
IB MathNon-major Math course
IB MusicNon-major Music course
IB PhilosophyNon-major Philosophy course
IB PhysicsPHYS-152
IB Politics: GlobalNon-major Political Science course
IB PsychologyPSYC-101
IB Social and Cultural AnthropologyANSO-103
IB SpanishElective in Spanish with departmental approval
IB Spanish BElective in Spanish with departmental approval
IB TheatreNon-major Theatre elective
IB Visual ArtsGeneral Elective course
*Students with language or mathematics AP credit should still take the appropriate Kalamazoo College placement exam to determine their actual placement. A student may not receive a unit of graduation credit for both an AP exam and the equivalent course. Since there is no placement exam for Italian, students should speak to a Romance Languages professor.
NOTE: Many departments have a limit on how many AP, IB, dual enrollment, transfer, or study abroad courses may count toward a major, minor, or concentration. For example, at least 8 of the 9 courses required for a Biology or History major must be taken at Kalamazoo College.