Transferring Coursework to Kalamazoo College

Kalamazoo College uses four criteria to determine the transferability of coursework from other schools:

  1. Is the college accredited?
  2. Did the student earn a C or better?
  3. Is the course similar to a course that would be taken at Kalamazoo College (i.e., is it in the Liberal Arts tradition; is it at the same level as a Kalamazoo College course)?
  4. Do the dates of the course not overlap with your K college enrollment in coursework?

If the answer to all of these questions is “Yes”, then the course could be transferable as a general elective credit unless it falls into one of the following categories:

  1. Course content for which the student has already received credit.
  2. Course content considered to be at a lower level than that for which the student has already received credit (e.g.: you cannot get credit for Calculus I after receiving credit for Calculus II).
  3. The course dates overlap with enrollment at Kalamazoo College (concurrent enrollment is not allowed).

Because Kalamazoo College credit is given in units and is on a quarter-hour system, transfer coursework taken elsewhere does not always transfer back as full units of work. Please refer to the information below to determine how your course credits will transfer to Kalamazoo College:

1 unit at Kalamazoo College = 5 quarter credits = 3.33 semester credits

A three-semester-credit course transfers to Kalamazoo College as .9 units.

A four-semester-credit course transfers to Kalamazoo College as 1.2 units.

Previously evaluate coursework from select colleges and universities may be found here. Current students looking for approval for specific classes not listed here should email a link to the course description to the Assistant Registrar, Raechel Scholz, at

Students looking to apply the course to a requirement in a major/minor/concentration need an approved substitution form from the department.

After completion of the course work, please send transcripts to:

By mail-

Office of the Registrar
1200 Academy St.
101 Mandelle Hall
Kalamazoo, MI 49006