Registering Online

If you have questions about Hornet HQ, adding classes to your course plan, registering online, or updating your emergency contact information- please watch this informational video.

Video Time Stamps

0-27 seconds: General Intro to HQ.

28 seconds: Logging into HQ

39 seconds: Information about holds

1 minute: Updating Emergency Contact information

1 minute 46 seconds: Tour of Student Planning

3 minutes 10 seconds: How to find test scores and AP scores

3 minutes 24 seconds: Unofficial transcripts

3 minute 35 seconds: Using the course catalog to search for classes

4 minutes 45 seconds: Looking at courses and finding information needed to register for that course

6 minutes 25 seconds: Using your degree audit to search for classes

8 minutes 46 seconds: Registering for your courses