SIP Registration Form

Use, Requirements, Policies, Deadlines and Maximum Additional Coursework Units Allowed

Please discuss any requests, changes or petitions with the appropriate faculty member BEFORE submitting any forms. After the form is submitted it will be sent to the necessary faculty needed to complete the form. Please make sure the information provided is accurate. Please allow up to 5 business days before inquiring about the status of your request. You will receive an email of confirmation from a member of our office once the request has been processed.

Use and Requirements

A SIP Registration form is required to register for your Senior Integrated Project. Faculty SIP Supervisor approval is required.


SIP Registration Policies

The SIP registration form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. Some departments may also require a SIP contract, which should be submitted to your SIP department.

SIP Quarter Registration Form Due:

  • ALL SIPS involving work over the summer (part of extended Fall)– Friday of 10th week, Junior Spring quarter
  • Fall and Fall/Winter SIPs –Friday of 1st Week, Senior Fall quarter
  • Winter SIPs– Friday of 1st Week, Senior Winter quarter

• Your SIP department may require you to submit your SIP contract earlier than these due dates, and it is recommended that you submit your registration form at the same time. Some departments require all SIP proposals to be submitted in the spring. Check with your SIP department.
• The registration form requires your signature and the signature of your faculty SIP supervisor (the person who will evaluate and grade your work). Many departments also designate a SIP coordinator. Check with your department who your coordinator will be.
• Choose your quarter of registration and units carefully. Retroactive SIP registration changes (e.g., fall SIP to summer/fall SIP) to avoid quarter overloads/underloads or due to poor planning and lack of progress toward
completion of the project will not be approved.
• There are NO Spring SIPs. SIPs may only be registered in the Extended Fall, Fall, or Winter quarters of your senior year. However, SIPs that have units distributed over multiple terms (e.g., performance based SIPs) may have some fraction of a unit registered during Spring.
• Overloading is not permitted during a SIP quarter. The SIP unit (or both units, if taken during the same quarter) counts toward the normal load of 3 units. Work completed over the summer as part of an extended fall SIP is the exception; the unit for work completed before the normal fall term begins does not count toward the normal course load for the Fall.
• A student may not take 1 unit of SIP as their only course during a quarter unless that is the only unit they need to graduate. College policy does not allow students to enroll in just a single course without the express permission of the Dean of Students (see the College Enrollment Policy).

SIP Drop/Add Policies

SIPs must be added or dropped using the SIP Registration Change form, with the signature of the faculty SIP supervisor.

• Any changes to SIP registrations must be made in the Registrar’s Office by the end of the drop/add period of the quarter of registration (end of the first week of Fall quarter for Fall and Summer/Fall units; end of the first week of Winter quarter for Winter units). This includes dropping a SIP, changing the department or SIP supervisor, changing the number of units, etc.
• Students who drop a SIP, withdraw from a SIP, or receive an NC grade for a SIP, must register for a new SIP, submitting a new SIP registration form. Note: the original SIP advisor is not obligated to supervise a second attempt
at the SIP.


  • For all SIPs, the final copy (i.e., no more revisions) is due to the SIP supervisor no later than Friday of the second week of the term following the SIP quarter. Students are expected to be completely finished with all work associated with the SIP, with the exception of departmental or program symposium in Winter and Spring terms.
  • Faculty will submit Credit/No Credit grades by Friday of 6th week of the quarter following a registered SIP unit. A grade of Credit may be upgraded to Honors (e.g., after a Spring departmental symposium) until the end of Spring quarter. For departments with partial SIP units extending into Spring, that partial unit grade is due by 6th week Spring quarter.
  • The time lag between students turning in completed SIPs and Faculty deadlines for turning in grades should not be interpreted as extra time for students to make revisions to the SIP. Work on the SIP in a quarter in which the student is not registered for SIP credit is considered an “invisible overload” for the students and is against College policy.

Maximum Additional Coursework Units Allowed

  • 1 Unit Summer* SIP – 3 courses (up to 3.9 units) in Fall; All revisions must be completed no later than 2nd Week of Fall.
  • 2 Unit Summer*/Fall SIP – 2 courses (up to 2.9 units) in Fall
  • 2 Unit Summer*/Winter SIP – 3 courses (up to 3.9 units) in Fall; 2 courses (up to 2.9 units) in Winter; Summer component must be finished before Fall term.
  • 1 Unit Fall SIP – 2 courses (up to 2.9 units) in Fall
  • 2 Unit Fall SIP – 1 course (up to 1.9 units) in Fall
  • 2 Unit Fall/Winter SIP – 2 courses (up to 2.9 units) each in Fall and Winter
  • 1 Unit Winter SIP – 2 courses (up to 2.9 units) in Winter
  • 2 Unit Winter SIP – 1 course (up to 1.9 units) in Winter

*A “Summer” SIP unit is registered during the Extended Fall term (a variation on the Fall term that begins July 1), and is included in Fall tuition.

Multi-term Performance SIP in Music and Art Information

An overload (registration above 3.9 units) is not allowed in the term in which the majority of the SIP is registered.

  • 1 Unit Fall Quarter Performance – 1.0 units
  • 1 Unit Winter Quarter Performance – 0.30 units will be applied in the Fall and 0.70 units will be applied in the Winter
  • 1 Unit Spring Quarter Performance – 0.25 units will be applied in the Fall, 0.25 units will be applied in the Winter, and 0.50 units will be applied in the Spring
  • 2 Unit Fall Quarter Performance – 2.0 units
  • 2 Unit Winter Quarter Performance – 0.60 units will be applied in the Fall and 1.4 units will be applied in the Winter
  • 2 Unit Spring Quarter Performance – 0.50 units will be applied in the Fall, 0.50 units will be applied in the Winter, and 1.00 units will be applied in the Spring

SIP Registration Form

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