Drop/Permission to Add Form


The Drop/Permission to Add form is used to add/drop a course in which the student is:

  • enrolling over the cap (the class is full)
  • waiving a pre-requisite/course restriction
  • the course is instructor permission
  • dropping a course Thursday and/or Friday of the first week of the term.


The instructors signature is required for his form.

Additional Information

This form should only be used to drop classes on Thursday or Friday of the first week of the term or during the second week for partial unit art, music, or theatre classes. All other drops can be completed online.

Please check the number of units you are registered for BEFORE asking to be added to a course. Students cannot register for more than 3.9 units without advisor approval. If you plan on overloading, please submit the overload form first.

How to use the forms:

  • Add course– use if you are waiving a pre-requisite or enrolling over the cap or if it is after Wednesday of Week One of the term (including all PED, music lessons, ensembles, or theatre production courses).
  • Drop course– use if you are adding a class but it will put you over 3.9 units. OR if you need to drop a full unit course Wednesday- Friday of week 1. OR drop a partial unit PE or Music lesson Wednesday of week 1 through Friday of week 2
  • Add PE course for less than .2 units– use if you are almost at your 1 unit of PE courses and cannot add this class on your own. DO NOT USE this option if it is after Wednesday of week 1. You will need an instructor’s approval to add a PE course.
  • Hour Music Lessons– use if you are adding an hour Music lesson to your schedule.

Drop/Permission to Add Form

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